Lisa DeGiovine

4 months ago
I have used this company several times now and I'm VERY PLEASED!! The cleaning people are very friendly and they do an EXCELLENT cleaning job!
It's so nice that they send a crew of 6 or 7 people... They are in and out of a decent size home in no time at all...

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LK Hansen
3 reviews

a year ago
Honest group--they found (and returned) my wedding ring that has been lost over four years (it was lost before we hired Complete Cleaning). Last week after their team left, it was sitting on my dresser. I about cried. I had long ago given up hope on ever finding it.

I'm writing this review to help those who might be on the fence, or who are skeptical of glowing reviews. They are the real deal. The good reviews are well-deserved. I can't comment on the negative reviews, I suppose everyone has a bad day. Below is my personal comprehensive review. I want to be thorough for those who are into research like me :)

This is not the first time the Complete Cleaning team has gone above and beyond the call of duty. They are a locally owned business, and as another reviewer pointed out, their turnover is low. I too have noticed and been impressed by this. They have faithfully cleaned our home for nearly three years. When hiccups happened (and I can tell you, it was always on my end that the mistake was made), they were gracious and worked with us. I think that's a huge benefit to locally-owned are neighbors with each other. Examples of their service include:

- When my baby was a newborn they helped schedule around her naps
- When I request, they will text me to let me know they are on my way to my home
- When they showed up and I forgot my appointment was that day, they were kind and gave me courtesy as I worked fast to get out of their way
- They descend with a team of smiling, happy, kind ladies, and one goes to each room ready to tackle cleaning it...that level of kindness was never experienced when we worked with other companies
- Their team works hard, and is polite, with good attitudes. Also something rare in their industry. They have found a way to recruit and retain a dedicated group.
- In three years only one small item has been broken and they offered a fair credit
- When I call about anything, questions or follow up, I talk to the owners themselves. And they are always courteous
- They follow up in 24 hours nearly all of the time
- When I made a major scheduling mistake, they were above and beyond patient in a situation that would have escalated with most other companies...and resolved it peacefully and fairly
- Occasionally to say "thank you" for our several years of business with them, little extras will be cleaned. Once was a houseful of clean windows, I was blown away. I never expect for them to do anything like that, but it's such a welcome surprise when it happens

My hope is that these details and information will help someone else make the decision to hire a company that gives them hours back in their day, is professional, and above all, is honest and fair. Here's to clean houses and more free time :)

Jenifer Fronk-Bixby

8 months ago
I have been using Complete Cleaning Services for ~5 years and have been pleased with each visit. They are very thorough when cleaning my home and it's always so nice once they finish. I call the crew "The Fairies" because the cleaning team of 7-8 somehow magically clean my house in a 1/4 of the time it takes me to! If you're in their local area and looking for a professional house cleaning service ... I would highly suggest Complete Cleaning Services!

Madeleine Sliwa

3 months ago
We’ve been using Complete Cleaning Service for the pass 2+ years. They are a professional company and all the workers are very friendly. The job is outstanding!!! Couldn’t ask for a better company, if you want them to so something special just ask no problem.

Heather Johnson

1 review

3 years ago
We absolutely love Complete Cleaning Services! Scott and his team do an incredible job!! We've used them for our business for the past 18 months and they are super quick and thourough. We run a call center that is open from 8-8 and they are in at 7:30 and done by the time phones go live. We couldn't be happier.

D. Murphy
Local Guide · 43 reviews · 3 photos

8 months ago
By far, the best cleaning service that we have used in the area! The team was on time, worked efficiently and collaboratively together, maintained professionalism at all times, and our home looks fantastic! Highly recommend!


4 weeks ago
I have been using this company for over 5 years. I wanted to share with you my experience because I believe they deserve it.

They have been cleaning my primary residence, business, and 2 of my rental condos. They have always been very thorough with their large team of 8 people who come in like little cleaning fairies and do a wonderful job each time. The girls are friendly and always show up no matter what. This company is top notch and well worth giving them a try so you can see why I reviewed them so high.

Five stars all the way!!!

David Johnson

9 months ago
I have been using Complete Cleaning Service for over 4 years at both my business and my home. They are consistently on time, consistent in their quality, and consistent in their professionalism. I have never once felt the need to be home while they clean. They are friendly and trustworthy. Scott and his team are one of kind, I would recommend them for your business or residential cleaning needs!

Maria Dockery
2 reviews

2 years ago
In the two years they have been cleaning my home, they have always done a thorough job cleaning. I have never been concerned about the character of any of their employees. As a matter of fact there has been hardly any employee turnover! That says a lot about the management of this company! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Complete Cleaning Svc. to anyone who wants worry free cleaning.

Cyndi Jones
3 reviews

a year ago
I have used this company for over 15 years and they are the best in the business! They do all of my move out cleanings! The BEST!

James Walker
Local Guide · 18 reviews

6 months ago
We used Complete Cleaning Inc for the first time yesterday. They did an amazing job in little time! They are a legitimate company that will send 4- 6 ladies to clean the house top to bottom! The price was fair for services rendered and left our house ready to list for s

Steven Rose
12 reviews

a year ago
Highly recommend Complete Cleaning Services! We have them come weekly for the past few years now and always pleased with there work! They started a report card recently for what was completed during their visit, LOVE IT! They are always looking to improve. What I like most about the company, a bunch of ladies come in and tackle the entire home FAST! You do not have 1-2 people in your home for hours. You will not regret choosing them and they have the best price in town! Thank you CCS! When we move to Texas, I wish we could take you with us!

Allie Wood

3 months ago
I've been using Complete Cleaning once a month for 4 years and am entirely satisfied with their service. I love the large team approach, which minimizes my time, and they work very efficiently to get my condo sparkling! It's generally the same team each month, so they know their way around are are always friendly, professional and trustworthy. Scott is willing to be flexible if my schedule changes and is a pleasure to work with.

A Alley

3 months ago
The owner is continually responsive. The cleaning team supervisor kindly texts to let me know the team is on the way. Each cleaner has seemed hard-working and helpful. It's very convenient that the team is quick.

Chris Hill
1 review

3 years ago
A team of 8 girls showed up to clean up a rental property I have in Melbourne. This was the first time I used this service and I was extremely satisfied with the professional service and how thoroughly everything was cleaned when the crew was done! I will definitely call on them for all future cleaning needs.

I recommend Complete Cleaning Service to anyone in the area needing fast and thorough cleaning.

Good job girls!!